Everyone wants a home

We all want things in life, and a home tops the list.   If we don’t have one, we long for one.  If we have one, we often spend much time and money to make it more comfortable, more  inviting.  And then, just when we thought we would never move again, we find ourselves doing just that.  And that’s  where I come in.

As a writer, I never thought I would be in the business of helping  people buy or sell homes.  My mother did that.  She was a real estate  agent; she was a broker.  And pretty good at it.  I wanted to find my  own way, my unique path.  That meant I had to do something other than  real estate.  So, I went to Journalism school and worked at a small town newspaper, a public radio/television station, a commercial television news station and tried my hand at freelancing.

Finally, in mid-life, and many years after my mother’s death, I gave  in.  “If I’m going to work for a living,” I reasoned, “I’d like to work  for myself and do something that brings happiness to others.”

Since then, I’ve helped people  buy homes of all sizes.  If they couldn’t afford to buy at the time,  I’ve helped them find a place to lease.  There’s nothing  quite like the look on a person’s face when they first walk into the house that is about to become their home.

If you don’t have a home that you love, I hope you will soon.  And, if there’s anything that I can do to help, please let me know.


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