Spelunking: A Cave Without a Name

If there’s any truth to the saying that the difference between a cave and a cavern is $18, then the “Cave Without a Name” comes closer to a cavern.  $16 is the cost of an adult admission (children 12 and under are $8.)  And though a $16 admission sounds steep, this living cave, one of only 20 National Natural Landmarks in Texas, seems worth the price of admission.  The 126 steps leading down into the 90-foot deep cave were built in 1939, a few years after several teenagers turned spelunkers first entered the large chambers with kersosene lanterns in hand.  The cave has been mapped at almost 3 miles in length (seventh largest in Texas), but visitors tour six rooms totaling about a quarter mile and at a constant temperature of 66 degrees.  Ironically, the moniker “Cave Without a Name” was suggested by a young boy who won $250 in a state-wide 1940 naming contest, saying the site was just too pretty to have a name.  In addition to stalactites and stalagmites, the cave boasts ceilings covered in soda straws, 15-foot draperies, rimstone dams beneath spring-fed pools and three large solution domes that, several times a year, help transform the cave into a music venue.  Privately-owned and open year-round, the 187-acre property includes a hiking trail, camp ground, picnic tables and a gift shop with wide selection of rocks, stones (amethyst cathedrals) and fossils.  When I asked our friendly tour guide the difference between a cave and a cavern, he said, just two letters — r and n.

A Cave Without a Name

12 miles northeast of Boerne, near Cordillera Ranch
325 Kreutzberg Rd.
Boerne, TX 78006

Phone: (830) 537-4212
Toll Free: (888) 839-2283


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