Jessa Rew: Love who you are

Courtesy: URBANE Photography

I first met Jessa as she was wrapping up an early evening set at the Tin Roof Steakhouse (Come for the food, stay for the music.)  My husband had recently taken a job in San Antonio, and our family had relocated from a Dallas suburb to Boerne.  With no idea of what to do or where to go, we stopped by the Tin Roof for a beer and a glass of wine.  As Jessa finished, a group of young people sitting nearby were discussing where they were headed next.  I was guessing that the young woman who had just stepped off the stage would be joining her friends headed to the next nightspot.  Instead, Jessa packed up her Gibson guitar, rolled up her cables, stuffing them into various bags, and walked over to an elderly man.  “Come on Grandpa; I’m done,” Jessa said.  Grandpa proceeded to give Jessa a few tips on her mix and sound levels.  And as they prepared to leave, I walked over to introduce myself.  Jessa was as thrilled to meet me as if I’d been a record producer come to sign her.   Since that time, Jessa has become a friend, hair stylist, not to mention a young singer/songwriter I truly admire.

Growing up on a wheat farm near Pendleton, Oregon, Jessa started teaching herself guitar at age 15.  At about the same time, she and her mother moved to Boerne.  Within a few years, Jessa began to sing, perform and started writing songs.  Tirelessly, Jessa pours herself into everything she does.  I have known her to do hair all day in her salon and then energetically perform a three-hour set lasting well past midnight.  Jessa describes her music as Country/Americana/Folk.  Nancy Griffin comes to my mind.  While taking her music seriously, Jessa seems almost as interested in nurturing the careers of other singer/songwriters as her own.

Love who you are is a slogan, written in scrolled text at the top of Jessa’s business cards for Rewby Salon & Boutique.  She seems intent on helping her friends, clients and fans do just that, with her devotion not only to her music but also to those folks who are lucky enough to know her.


3 thoughts on “Jessa Rew: Love who you are

  1. Jessa,
    You are more beautiful every time I see you. How proud your mom is and should be and Grandpa too. When are you coming this way so I can hear you perform, already a fan. You are certainly a blessing from God in so many ways. Love to you always, Karen

  2. Jessa,
    You are truly one of the nicest young women I know. I know your mom and family are so proud of you…I am:) You have always made people feel important and your friendliness draws everyone in….Keep your light shining for the Lord….Love, Karlene

  3. Hi Jessa,

    Just read the article about you that was sent to me! You must be so proud! I know your Momma certainly is. It seems not that long ago when your Mother and you hosted our gang at your home to what is still to this day the best BBQ’d steak I have ever had!

    I remember a feeling of truly belonging and being thankful and blessed to be among friends. I recall your beautiful voice and your clarity in spite of Darron and his numerous attempts to “Join In” while you sang outside in your back yard with all the wonderful Texas stars!

    You are a beautiful person in every way and I am proud to have had the opportunity to get to know you and to call you a friend.


    Robb from Canada.

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