Latin Fusion Meets the Hill Country – UPDATE



At precisely the spot that IH-10 intersects Johns Road is also where some Hill Country favorites collide with South American flair.  Chilito’s Owner Al Maldonado has labeled it Latin Fusion, and his ever-growing list of customers are calling it delicious.

Al first parked his Chilito’s Express food cart next to the Antique Warehouse in Boerne during the summer of 2010. Since then he’s served thousands of customers his “made from scratch, cooked to order” favorites and his fans keep coming back for more.

“It’s always been about the food,” Al says, “the flavor.”  The chef credits some of his unique taste twists to his mother, who is from Chile but also of Italian descent.

Consider this:

Peruvian Roasted Turkey Panini
Turkey roasted Peruvian-style to perfection, loaded with Swiss cheese, tomato and drizzled with a signature green cream sauce and served on a hot-press toasted Italian roll

Peruvian Savory Empanadas
Fresh and oven-baked daily, choose from tender, sauteed beef

Al does big business at Christmas filling orders for tamales — cream cheese and chicken; cream cheese and jalapeno.  They are, as Al says, “crazy good” and available every day until they run out.  Order a few weeks early for the holidays.

‘Nuf said?  Actually, no.

Al’s cheeseburgers are to die for.

Contact:  Al Maldonado
Chilito’s Express

Follow Chilito’s on Facebook for daily specials and for seasonal hours.


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